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Modular stands

There are multiple ways to build a stand for an event. Modular stands are popular and cost-effective solutions: they are made from simple, prefabricated elements (walls and frames). The modular stands or booths can be customized with graphic design and additional elements to fit to the unique requirements of our client.

Quality solutions for modular booths

We use Octanorm, Maxima and Targetti modules, the best quality solutions available on the market. The elements can be used in many ways to create the most various stands.

Variable stand elements

The main components of an exhibition stand are the walls, the flooring and the specific elements which make the stand unique. Podiums, podests or even functional rooms (kitchen, storage, meeting room etc.) can also be added to the exhibiton booth, even by modular stands. We set up these elements as required and we also undertake the carpeting and the electrical works related to the stand building.

The graphic works needed for the stand are made in our own graphic design studio by expert graphic designers, who also undertake the on-site supervision of the installation process.

When all these are done, the appropriate furniture (counters, displays or tables) are added to make the booth complete. These are often custom-made in our own carpentry, but clients can also choose furniture from our stock with the help of our catalogue.

We help the client through the whole stand building process

We are ready to help our clients even in the planning process, or if they already have the stand design in hand, they can entrust us with the implementation of the plans. We undertake every task related to this process: the manufacturing of the unique elements, their transportation to the event’s location, the building and the dismantlement of the exhibition booth . On request we also provide on-site supervision during the event in case any problems with the stand occurs.