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Custom and half-custom booths

There are multiple ways to build a booth for an event. The most unique, eye-catching exhibition booths are built from custom-made elements.

Sometimes some parts of the stand are built from prefabricated or modular elements, but it also contains custom-made parts; these kind of booths are the so-called half-custom booths.

Unique exhibition booths from various materials

The production of the booth elements can take multiple weeks, depending on the complexity of the exhibition booth. The main parts of an exhibition booths are the walls, the flooring and the unique parts which have to be customized to fit to the exhibitor’s profile.

HMI 2014.

HMI 2014.

The main advantage of a custom booth is that it allows the exhibitors to use a wide variety of materials and there are multiple ways to design the above mentioned elements. Typically, the unique walls and furniture are made from painted or spray-painted chipboard, but coloured or wood-patterned laminated elements are also often used. Moreover, concrete- or marble-patterned materials are also available, and traditional wooden elements can also be used: we have built booths from logs and beams before.

The quality and thickness of the material used for the exhibition stand depends on the requirements of the booth. The curvy elements are made from flexible MDF or plywood, the latter is also used for lightweight constructions. For multi-storey stands we have developed our own gallery system, which fits to the requirements and expectations of the western markets.

Customized elements

Platforms, pedestals or even functioning rooms like a kitchen or meeting rooms can also be built as parts of an exhibition booth. Glass walls and multimedia elements are also often used, as they can easily catch the eye of the visitors of the event. Most of the time, the flooring, carpeting, and the electricity works of the exhibition booths are also our task.

In our own, well-equipped graphic design studio we are also able to produce the graphics needed for the booth, which are applied to the stand by skilled colleagues. In graphical production we mostly use Forex, Plexi or Dibond plastic sheets, but when producing 3D letters and graphics, we sometimes use styrofoam or MDF boards too.

When all these are done, the appropriate furniture (counters, displays or tables) are added to make the booth complete. These are often custom-made pieces which are produced in our own carpentry, but clients can also choose furniture from our stock with the help of our catalogue. Usually the furniture is made from spray-painted MDF, but other materials can be used here too.

We help the client through the whole stand building process

Paperworld, 2015

Paperworld 2015.

We are ready to help our clients even in the stand design process, or if they already have the stand design in hand, they can entrust us with the implementation of the plans. We undertake every task related to this process: the manufacturing of the unique elements, their transportation to the event’s location, the building and the dismantlement of the exhibition booth . On request we also provide on-site supervision during the event in case any problems with the stand occurs.

Impress your clients with a unique exhibition booth!

If you would like to attract many visitors to your stand on an event, have a unique, custom booth – and if you want it to be a good quality piece implemented by experienced professionals, contact us!